Journal Entry: Day 213 “Fight or Flight for Canson”

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 Day 213

The radios are workings again. During the night all communications started receiving signals. Though it still is a bit staticy. No one knows what had changed to make it all work, but it is. We are picking up chatter from all over. Most of it not good. There are  a lot of calls for help. Colonel Rives has been able to each a 1 star general. They have been talking privately most of the day. With the radio’s coming back online it is all people can talk about today. Gossip is going around like crazy. From the government is fighting back the monsters. To soon we all can go back home. Pipe dreams from people that miss the old ways. Later in the evening after work was done the council called for a meeting. Fremont gave a good speech that we are not alone in this world. That people are still finding a way to survive. Then he went on about the human spirit and what Mom would call  Soap boxing. Turns out the monsters are everywhere. Some city have been overrun by all sorts of nastier beast than we have seen. He talked about one report how monsters bigger than the charred attacking cities. Which doesn’t even make sense how those got that big. From the reports they have been getting no major city survived. His report was not  all bad we have a chance to help some people. There are some group of survivors that might have a chance of making it to the airport in Canson. That we need to prepare for battle with the charred to fully secure the airport. Which means that the plans to recapture the town of Canson is back on. I am sure to have some fun dreams tonight about the thought of living Daikon again.



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