Journal Entry: Day 210 “Has Mom never heard of child labor laws ”

Gas Mask|Day Zero

Day 210 


Life finds a way to keep you busy. I am back at work with Dad.. Something chewed up the electrical lines on the solar arrays. Which we had to replace all of them. Then we had to rebuild one of the wind turbines. The wind turbine had to be replaced because a  rat chewed a hole inside the casing of the turbine Squirrels and rats must be the bane of electrical workers everywhere. It is not like we have rolls of electrical wire to spares. Then after work Mom started homeschool again. We are going over the American industrial revolution and why it was important. Then got a new class project. For once it was something interesting we are going to make a steam engine. Nothing too advanced just a single piston engine. How hard can it be to make something run on steam?


Okay turns out it is a lot harder than I thought. Just finding the parts has been a real trial. Mom just gave us the project but no tools or designs to make it work. Which I think was her  plan from the start. Just like during the real American industrial revolution tooling was hard to come by. Plus she wanted the design schematic to go with it. Courtney came up with the idea on how to get all the parts we needed. We cheated and asked Dad to help out. She never said we could not outsource. Again Mom was one step ahead of us on that too.


For Dad to help us he gave us chore a list of grunt work he needed done. We had to organize all of his workshop. Which Dad is his type of  pack rat when it comes to bobbles. I am so tired after all this work tonight, but at least we have the parts to completed the project. Good things this was a class project. Dads workshop would have taken myself forever to organize.  Now all that is left is to sketch the design then build it. That will have to wait till tomorrow. Everyone is falling asleep in the living from being overworked. There should be laws against making kids work this hard.



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