Journal Entry: Day 200 “Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil”

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Day 200 

It has been over a week since I returned home from the nightmare castle. Sleep still has not come easily. I have taken up sleeping inside the shelter under the cabin. At first Mom protested then got over it once I told her about my nightmares.  The monsters outside the walls dance in my dreams. Some nights it is the battle of the ghouls where I lost my fingers on my hand. Other nights the Crypt Wisp followed us back here and snuck into out cabin at night. The monsters are not what scares in it is the body of my slain friends and families that gets to me. I am always the last one the monsters go for. Thankfully they  have only attacked me in my dreams. No monsters have attacked us in since coming back home. Though I was in for a surprise this morning

I got up early as I could not sleep last night only to find Beth in the kitchen already making  breakfast. She was cooking my favorite meal of all time! Bacon and eggs where ever did she manage to find real bacon? It was the prefect way to start the day. Then after we ate my sisters took care of all the dishes. That was usually my job.  Though I still dried while they washed. What did I do to deserve such a great morning? Then came the birthday presents.

While Dad and I were trapped it turns out my birthday past. The trip to the castle was Mom and Dad’s idea of a present. Had there not been no monsters it would have been a great gift. I felt bad because I didn’t get Courtney anything, but she said that me coming back alive was present enough. She did asked my to join her for some D&D to make up for it.  It has been too long since we last played. Mom gave the seal of approval for us to play the whole day. Though we still had to take care normal household chores. Nothing too difficult no laundry for me today. Then we formed our party and started a new campaign.

Our adventure party today was Oliva, Megan, Lily, Will, Courty, Beth and I. Oliva was dming a special campaign. Return to temple of elemental evil. None of us had ever played that campaign before. We almost didn’t make it past the young blue dragon. That is something about those older D&d campaigns one wrong step and it is over or a unlucky crit.. We spent most of the day exploring the moat house and dungeons until it was time to say our goodbyes for the night. We agreed to play again next week to continue our adventure to defeat the cult of Tharizdun once and for all. For once in a long time it was nice just being a kid again.

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