Journal Entry: Day 192 “Angels rain holy wrath”

The Wanderer's Curse|Day Zero| C Kroencke

Day 192 

Our expeditions to the castle at the end of the world was a failure. Of the over 50 people that left only 30 are coming home. We are injured, battered and will carry the trauma of these events forever. The rescue plan unlike or expedition was a success. Thanks to the two helicopter pilots and ev team all the injured will at least be coming home tonight. While the rest of us make a speedy journey back to camp Daikon. Tried but alive which is better than the 20 that lost their lives.


The rescue came during mid day when the Crypt Wisp where asleep or hiding. They used the two remained helicopters to aid in the evacuation.  One helicopter laid down supporting fire killing driving off most of the charre. While the second Helicopter landed in a spot in the courtyard that no sane person should. Those military pilots are amazing at what they do. The second helicopter unloaded fresh troops armed with plasma rifles and heavy assault weapons. All the new troops spots on the helicopter were reserved for our injured. These people our are escort back home.


Once the assaults happened we  headed straight to the vehicles that we came in and rolled out. I did not get to see most of the what happend. I kept my head down and just ran with the rest of the people. The action was on the other side of the compound with the helicopter raining hellfire on the charred. Not long after we made it out the helicopter escorted us  until the forest became to dense to offer anymore support. Though most of us were still on edge even with it there. Most of the time the attackers you see is not the full force. The vehicles we are leaving in did not leave a lot cover incase more of these monsters are waiting for us. That is where the EV team took over.


The rescue squad were over eager to prove themselves while we drove back to camp Daikon. Every once in awhile firing a few shots into the woods. The Plasma rifles they brought are some scary weapon. Unlike my laser pistol which fires small but powerful beams of light the Plasma rifles are portable rail cannons. Blasting concentrated blue balls or energy at their targets.  Each time they fired into the woods it lit up the whole area as it traveled to its target. Then with a lot cracking a Crypt Wisp would be set ablaze. Then slowly melted away into nothing. Even when the shots missed and only glanced the target it was a kill shot. Why didn’t we bring any of these things with us?


At the halfway point back to camp more military  personal joined us. They wanted to make sure we got home well received.  Most of the troops in that squad only had your normal weaponry and no infrared sensors either. It was nice traveling in a large caravan. The last couple of days have been some of the most stressful times in my short life. The ride home was filled with tension and those winding roads that my stomach loves to much. We managed to make it back home late into the evening safe. We learned a lot since leaving to the castle, but it came at too high of a cost.



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