Journal Entry: Day 191 “We are blind to the dangers around us”

The Wanderer's Curse|Day Zero| C Kroencke

Day 191


5 people volunteered to go out during the day to test the theory of when the Crypt Wisp are awake. The plan is for them to stay out all day. Once the wisp appear they are to lead them back into the main building where it will be studied on how to take them out better. From there we will have better information on what we can do to escape. It was as sound plan too bad that is not how it went down. Everything fell apart when the Crypt Wisp that managed into hide inside the house ambushed all of the volunteers.


We did find something interesting about the monsters that now hide under the beds. As long as they are not in direct sunlight the Crypt Wisp stay awake. That knowledge came with a high cost. We lost the last pair of goggles that can see these things. This may sound grim, but those goggles were more important to us than the people. Without those the walls are closing in around me. That the enemy could sneak and no one would notice until it was too late.  Every day I feel like a person about to have his turn at the gallows. The noose keeps getting tighter around my neck. No one has been able to sleep. Morle is getting low and everyone is freaking out on what happened to the five volunteers.


The Charred are thick at both gates. More Crypt Wisp are coming into the compound every night and not leaving. Dad looks worried and his comforting messages to me have stopped. Times are beyond desperate. Finally though some good news came. Dad and some of the other engineers have been able to radio Camp Daikon. They coordinated a plan of evacuation. I do not know what is more of a miracle. The radios finally working or the chance of me getting out of here alive. We just have to make it one more night here.



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