Journal Entry: Day 190 “Terror behind the walls”

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Day 190

We have been stuck inside the bunker for two days now. People are starting to get cooped up. Only two days and some are already losing it. This bunker is ten times bigger than the one at our at house. These people need to get it together. I guess after last night I don’t blame some for stressing out though. Crypt wisp managed to find a why into one of the underground passages. There are only a few door between us and them so people are getting unnerved. More of wisps  keep showing up outside the compound walls. Only during evening and early morning do they move around. During the day they cover themselves and hide. I wonder if we can use that to our advantage?

Having the Crypt Wisp making it underground was only part of trouble today. The charred are showing up around the compound. They have not figured out a way to get inside the fence or above the walls, but it is only a matter of time. As of right now there is no hope of escape only wait it out. They might only be visiting or tracking our scent. Five of them are just walking around looking for a way inside. Things just keep getting better for us here. Dad keeps trying to reassure me that everything is going to be alright.  I can tell he is worried to. Ammo is limited, man power is decreasing and more monsters are showing up. I have this sense of dread nonstop. The adults need to come up with something I don’t want to die here.

They are so close

There might be a chance of an escape. If the crypt wisp only attack before sunrise and dusk we could make a run for it midday. The only problem is the charred outside and whatever else is coming towards us. We have a lot of wounded some more serious than others. If we have to make a break for it I don’t think they would make it.. Though without major medical attention the injure people might just pass on their own. The crypt wisp bite carries some type of venom that takes a while to work. Like a komodo dragons bite it slowly breaks down the host ability to clot. Two of the people bitten have died to massive blood loss. More of a reason not to attack these things head on. No plan I can think of gives us a safe retreat back to Camp Daikon. I hope that someone comes up with something soon I can hear the monsters outside the doors.


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