Journal Entry: Day 188 “The monsters get a name”

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Day 188

From bad to worse that is how I would describe today. It turns those camouflaged monsters are nesting around here. The military tired to wipe out all the they could find. All that it did was draw the other arounds in the area to us. Someone started calling them Crypt Wisps and the name stuck. A few more got into the compound. No amount of bullets seem to take them out. One of them was just a pair of leg attached to a blown away upper half and were still walking after people. Not just walking but following the person. They don’t bleed or make any noise, but the slurping noise from that lamprey mouth of theirs. Being surrounded was not even the worst part about today.

One of the Crypt Wisp took out one of the infrared sensors. That was attached to someone’s head. Leaving us with only 1 pair of goggles and 3 cc cameras. Those cameras by the way are not  good either. They can only see a few yards away. We are down to half the people we came with on this trip from injury or death. I don’t know how we are going to make it out of this. If we do not report back to Camp Diakon in a few days they might send a search party. At least we have a bunker to wait it out at, but those people  will get wiped out.

Later that day

Everyone fell back to the main bunker right  until we can figure a plan of escape. Inside the bunker is a command room with access to all the close circle cameras thankfully. Dad said that the for now the plan is to watch what happens tonight. Then come up with a better plan in the morning. One thing that was notice is that they don’t attack mid day maybe something about the sun hurts them. I doubt anyone is going to sleep with that on their minds. I know I will not be. The sun has set no long ago. Everyone that could fit into the camera room has been watching the monsters move around the compound. There are so many more than what we thought. Watching the normal cameras all you see is wips of movement, but when you turn to the inferred it is a horror show of bodys. I don’t think I will be making it out this time. Sorry Beth


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