Journal Entry: Day 186 “Road trip to a castle”

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Day 186


Dad woke me up early today to go on a special job with a group of other people. We went to the secondary site that was under construction before the collapse happen. At first I was excited to finally go check it out until we get on the road. My stomach was not a fan of the bumpy winding road that lead to it. Me and bumpy roads do not get along. The journey only took a few hours. I managed to keep my breakfast down just barley. Our traveling party consented on three council members and 20 military personnel. I had to ride in the back of a old truck which made my motion sickness so much worse. At least in a car seat you have some cushion.


Fremont had this second site being built as a final stand. If the Camp Daikon failed he wanted a place that he could wait out the end of the world. A back up to his back  plan. Must be nice to wealthy. The site sat on a 5 acre lost surrounded by barbed wire fences and concrete walls. This is a modern day castle. There are multiple small buildings on the grounds and walkways build on top of the walls for firing squads to set up position. The walls where setup in a hexagonal shape. Two roads lead into the compound grounds. Two large metal reinforced doors are the only way in. One gate on the north wall and the other on the west. There  main center building and all smaller buildings surrounded it. Inside each of the smaller buildings are passages to a central underground bunker under the main building. It was exciting to check it all out. I remember when I was 7 drawing bases like these.


There is a few major problem with this site. It is way too far away from everything and difficult to supply. All supply materials had to be trucked in or flown in. The only source of food would be what you can hunt for in the forest surrounding. With all these trees around us it would be hard to start a farm. Also it is on a well system meaning if the well goes dry you are out of water. Not the most ideal place to be, but it is about survival not luxury. Fremont did say that there is a stream not far from here, so at least the water issue could be fixed.

The center building is complete. Only the smaller building around it are unfinished. All of them have a roof and are enclosed. Some are finished enough though for what we need them for. This will be the site for the military to start to train for the siege of Canson. We are here to secure the location and fix up the smaller buildings. All the supplies that we need are here, so we should only be here a few days. Fremont had the compound mostly supplied once the main building was completed. We do have to conserve power until the main solar and wind array are brought back online, so it is lights out for me until tomorrow.


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