All about Elizabeth “Beth”

Hydra|Jacob Pelley|Day Zero

All to do with Beth

Beth came from a your typical overworked household.  She was the youngest of two. Her mom was a office manager at a accounting firm. Never really home and when she was never off work.  Dad was no different he was a clinical laboratory scientist. The company he worked for kepted downsizing the staff to make their quarterly earnings reports look better.  You know what every company has been doing. Jobs are hard to find and even harder to keep. Unless you toe that company line. Her dad worked worse hours than her Mom. There was no aunts or uncles in this state and both grandparents had long since passed away.  Will did his best to take care of her.

The days before the fire rained and purple cracks broke the sky it was your typical week. Beth was gymnast  training for state championship. Each morning she would get up before school and stay after to train. Will took her to practice in the morning and picked her up at night.  She felt guilty having to have Will do all this for her. Mom and Dad both have been too busy to help out. He was her only option. It would have been all worth it had the world as she knew it ended.

The world ended on a school day.  Right after early morning practice Beth had the opportunity to get in a quick shower before school started. There was nothing worse than smelling like a gym mat all day. The shower was cold when she got in. Beth was the only one at practice today even the coach skipped out early. Any other time she would not have gotten in. Afters today’s practice though even a cold shower was welcomed. While she was getting  dressed Will came running into the women’s locker room. He grab Beth and told her to run. She had no idea why Will was so panicked until she got outside. Fire lit the predawn sky up brighter than the sun ever had.

Tremors started to rock the ground making it hard to stand. Pieces of the road started to bend and bow splitting the asphalt. Beth was knocked off her feet and Will tried to help her stand only to be knocked down himself. The sky was lit brighter than Beth had ever seen. Trees start to uproot and one crashed on to Will cars. Slowly they crawled there way back inside the gymnastic school. Will was taking Beth to part of the building she had never been to the basement.

Now the last place you want to be in during a earthquake is the basement of a building. There was a reason why Will had no problem taking Beth to and from gymnastics everyday. He had been exploring the building while his sister trained. The gymnastic school was built after the last war. It was setup to be a community fallout shelter.  In the basement it had tunnels connecting to a few other building still intact around town. Though most of the tunnels had large gates set up making traveling to them difficult. Will had been secretly cutting the locks off the gates and exploring the tunnels. Two days ago he found a old bomb shelter and that is where they were heading.

The door creaked and moaned as they forcibly closed it. Beth and Will were rocked off their feet as the ground continued  to shake. The ground shook on final time sending everything in the time warn shelter to the floor. The only light in the room went out leaving them in darkness. Slowly the sodium vapor lights flickered back on.  After this part Beth didn’t want to talk about what happened next. She said that she was not ready to relive that trauma yet.

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