Character bios for The Wanderer’s Curse

                  Jennifer Lacewing

Jennifer|Day Zero|The Wanderer's Curse
New artwork done by the talented Andyface @Drewbiepie

Character Bio

Full Name: Jennifer Lacewing

Dramatic Role: protagonist.

Physiology Profile

Sex: Female

Age: 17

General Appearance: She has long white blond hair, blue eyes, a slim fit build and stand five foot two. She wears fashionable clothes. She is always put together in public

General Health: she is strong, but likes to play the damsel in distress, not the maternal type

Abnormalities: She plays with her hair when nervous and is slightly implosive 

Sociology Profile

Race & Religion: White and christian

Class Status: Upper class because of her father

Home life past present: Her mother was stung and killed by a scorpion when Jennifer was seven. Her father did his best to raise her and rarely gives her any free time. He made Her his lab assistant and kept her busy most of the time with his studies into entomology. Even though she is bright she tried to get a medium score on the SAW, so she could stay close to her father.

Education: She has a high school educations and advance knowledges in entomology due to her time as her father assistant

Key Relationships: Her father

Politics: none

Hobbies: She enjoys Dancing, Singing, Knitting, Baking and Science

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