Journal Entry: Day 179

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Day  179

Mom was the first one up today and she knew right away something was wrong.  I was making breakfast when she sat down to ask if I was okay.  There was no point in hiding it, so I told her about my dream last night.  She told me that things will be okay and that it was just a dream.  It was hard to hold back my emotions.  At some point during our talk I started to cry and she gave me a huge hug.  The kind that only a Mom can give.  After our talk and breakfast was made Mom went to wake everyone up.  I did not want to face Lily, but knew I had to.

While everyone was enjoying their breakfast, Mom made an announcement.  She must have not even talked to Dad about because he was surprised.  Mom said that today we are all taking the day off work.  Everyone is free to do what they want today, but had to be home for dinner tonight for a family game night.  Dad wanted to protest, but caught on quickly that something was up and didn’t press it.  Then after we all ate everyone went their separate ways.  While I was in the shower getting ready to leave to spend some time with Beth Mom knocked on the door.  She said that Lily wanted to talk to me once I was out.  Yes the talk with Lily was as awkward as you think it would be.  Though after the ugly crying and a lot of hugging with Mom, Lily and I was over my day got a lot better then worse again.  It wasn’t until family game night that I was able to shake of the bad times funk.

Beth and I spent the day together.  Mom got her off work, so we could hang out. We decided to go into the woods.  Close to the compound there is a lake and river.  I took Beth to go fishing it was her idea.  There is a spot by the lake far from people, but close enough incase something happens.  A few people from the farming teams were there to fish. Someone in that group got the idea to start a fish farm.  I  guess all these new people need something for trade.  Beth is a amazing at fishing. After Beth caught all the fish in the lake.  We found a old camp site and gathered wood for a fire to cook the fish. I cleaned and descaled the catch while Beth gave the unused parts to the fishermen around us.  It would have been a great way to end a terrible morning until I decided I like being miserable more.  I made the mistake of asking Beth about her family while we were eating.  It went as well as you think it would.  With our date ruined we headed back home.

That night it was family game night. Courtney invited Olivia and Megan to join us.  Also Will and Beth came to.  The Robinson as you guess it were once again MIA.  I always wondered way Will and Beth never say anything bad about that.  It wasn’t until this afternoon when I asked about her family it made since.  I will get into Beth familys another time.  Mom brought Apples to Apples and are you a werewolf for game night. It was actually a great time.  With this many people we got to play the full game of are you a werewolf something I have never done before.  Then after games everyone went home for the night.  Lily and I walked our “guest” home.

The night was getting chilly so Beth and I almosted ran to her cabin.  The other two stayed outside to chat.  Once inside Beth made hot cider and we chatted for a bit.  She thanked me for a great day and said our talk in the woods helped her out more than I knew.  Thinking about her parents and not talking about it was starting to get to her.  She brought out a worn photo of her family.  We held hands in the living rooms for a bit and chatted about before the end of the world.  Of the things we missed the most good and bad. A hour later Lily and Beth came inside. Both of them cold from being outside too long. It was time to go home.  Beth walked my outside and gave me a kiss goodnight then it was time for bed.  It may have not started out as a good day, but ended as an important one.

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