Journal Entry: Day 178

Hydra|Day Zero| The wanderer's Cruse

Day 178

We are starting to run into things that were not accounted for with all these people.  Interesting things like not enough light bulbs, electrical wire, and other day to day items.  Even with the new septic system you need a way to clean it efficiently and maintain it. People also forget that light bulbs also don’t grow on trees.  Even LED lights have to be replaced every once in a while. The point of prepping is to think about the short term and long term. The compound has enough supplies to last for a while, but with all these new people we will are running out of things quicker than expected. Thinking about all that I can see why Colonel Rives can up with his plan of attack. 

The council with the guidance with Colonel Rives has decided to start securing the town of Canson.  It make sense to one day go back there. Even with it being a small town it had the infrastructure to support the level of people we now have at the compound.  I don’t know how bad the town looks though. The little rest stop of a town we drove past on the way to the cabin was in ruins. Maybe Canson is not bad. The military landed there and drove up to us.  If Canson is still intact where are all the survivors at then?

The plans for what exactly is going to happen is still in the works. Dad being on the council filled us in on some of the details being worked on.  Half of the compound will be split. One half of the population here will go to secure the road to Canson. Then after that the city itself. The second half will act as a reserve and support to the effort.  The council has yet to decide who is going and who is staying. I don’t want to leave the compound again. Just thinking about that gave me nightmares all night. T he worst was the last one. The doctors said that I might has some psychological trauma after the battle with the ghouls.  Where I lost some fingers. The best way to get through it was to talk about it and write it down. Not to bottle them up.

My dream started out with Lily and I about to start the final charge to save the left flank.  The Charred overrun that side completely. People were crying out for help pleading for someone to save them.  Climing out of my fox hole I charged the attackers. In the middle of my charge I heard a scream and turned around to see where it came from. I was back at our home.  The ash was falling from the sky again. It was quiet and tranquil there. The only sound was of my feet moving back in forth in the ashen snow. Peaceful once again were no monsters that could hurt me.  I stood blighted snow for what felt like forever watching it fall around me. Time passed as in only a dream it could. Then that scream snapped me back into attention. looking around once again for it I found the source.  Lily was being attacked by the borrowing beast that almost killed her. This time it was dragging back into the hole it came out of. She was wailing against it. No matter how fast I ran I never got any closer. The last thing she said as the monster dragged her below was  I failed her. After that I awoke and did not want to go back to sleep. Everytime I close my eyes Lily’s crying face was all I could think about.

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