Journal Entry: Day 171

The Wanderer's Curse|Day Zero|Paige Halsey Warren

Day 171

It has been a month since the military joined us. Colonel Rives has proven to be a natural leader.  The military did not end up taking over the camp, but worked with the structure that are already in place. In the last 30 days we have come together as a small society. There have been a few problems and only one intense standoffs. Two people that came here from the military camp decided not to live in this world anymore and ended it. Injured a few people on the way out to. They  looked like the type of person that had everything handed to them in life. Shame what happened, but why would you want to hurt other people in that type of circumstance?

With all these new mouths to feed and idle hands the council decided to give everyone a job. It has cut down on all these freak outs from people worrying about the world ending. I do have to say Mom did a good job of making us forget that. Work details were given out, so people could become part of something worth living for. When it was just us preppers here everything was a chore. Now it is still a chore just with more hands to help. There are engineering teams, medical teams, security details “that the military handles” and farming teams. I was put on the engineering team to shadow Dad. Beth and Courtney are on the medical team with Mom. Lily got drafted into the military with Will. She really didn’t get drafted just put into security detail.  Mr.Miller reenlisted to train the new recruits. They start basic training “boot camp” with a few other people next week. Though still gets to come home at night no real barricks for them to sleep at yet.

There still has been no contact with the outside world. Dad’s team has been working on boosting communications. They have been successful in getting bits and pieces, but no steady outgoing contact. Everytime a signal comes in it is the same broadcast about a cascade failure. Still no clue what that means. Colonel Rives doesn’t have a clue either. He did say that if this was from a nuclear attack there are security measure in place. Though this doesn’t appear to be that. I wonder what he is hiding from us or not letting us know?

Lastly Beth and I have taken things to the next level. From hand holding to a little kissing. I suspect my parents know because Dad tried to give me the “talk” again. I cut him off before it got more awkward and told him we already had this talk before. That Mom is a veterinarian and I have been to the farm. He let it go after that part and we laughed about it. Life is sort of going back to normal. Some ways better than before and others worse. Time for bed now Mom said school was back on in the morning.

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