Journal Entry: Day 141

The Wanderer's Curse|Day Zero|Paige Halsey Warren

Day 141

The military made it to the compound today.  Most saw it as a welcome sight.  People cheered as the convoy rolled into town.  Three Humvees, two jeeps and a lot of normal cars drove right to Fremont’s home then circle and stopped.  That is when the last remaining  helicopters landed on the crude helipad we had made a few days before. Since the world has gone quiet it was no surprise that they were close.  We were officially occupied.


I was right about most of the other survivors being the family members of the military.  Women, children and men all lined up in front of Fremont’s house.  To wait for husbands and wives to depart from the vehicles.  Colonel Rives was the first to make his appearance, while LT. Maxfield stood and  saluted his commanding officer.  Colonel Rives then addressed the coward forming around him.  He gave a nice summary of the hardships that his men had gone through in the last couple of days.  That they were attacked on the way here.  Thankfully no one had to give up their life.  That all bodies were accounted for and will be joining their families soon at the mess hall.  Most of the family’s slowly made way there.  The Military men still needed to unpack then be dismissed.  As they started to disembark I noticed that none of them looked like they had slept in the last few days.  The family members that had children waited just for a chance to say a quick hello then head to the scheduled location.  It was easy to tell who children’s belong to who.  I doubt there was any force in the world that could have stopped some of the men from rushing over to give their children a large hug.


After the Colonel  dismissed his men for leave he headed straight to fremont’s office for debriefing.  Leaving a few men to guard the convoy. I respected Colonel Rives just a little for that.  A commander should always take care of business before a long needed rest. Dad didn’t let me go to that council meeting. I was still on Brooke duty.  My mom and sisters went to the mess hall to help cook for the a welcome party.  We are still on rationing supplies, but today was a special day.  Everyone was treated to a meal and some entertainments.  Though most of the military personal wanted to eat, spend a little time with their families then rack out.  The Mess wall was cleared out a few hours after everyone ate then converted to a makeshift barracks.  Unlike the survivors the military personnel had gear that  includes a sleeping bag.


Mom had everyone, but Dad who was still at the meeting stay close to the cabin.  Once the new military personal was rested up the attack could happen.  It has not happend yet though . Dad did not come home till late that night tried from the meeting.  Colonel Rives assured everyone he  was not here to be a new military dictator.  That the military severs the people not the other way around.  His first objective here was to secure the camp better and start finding out what in the world happened.  He was just as clueless as the rest of us on what happened.  Even with all that said both parents agree that tonight we sleep inside the shelter with the doors locked until the morning.

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