Journal Entry: Day 138

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Day 138

Still on  Brooke duty for the next few days. Thankfully I am prepared for babysitting activities.  In the beast a while ago I found something I have been saving just for this. There was whole pouch full of Data packs of kids shows for my slate. Also Beth took pity on me gave  me a 64 count box of crayons and a coloring book. Now before you think Brooke duty is great and I just get to sit around all day it is not. Babysitting also comes with a list of chores.  Laundry for one and there is a lot it. Dad and Mom’s laundry is the worst out of everyone’s.  It is like they roll around in dirt all day.Lily and Courtney get all sorts of mad if you don’t wash their clothes just right. Plus according to Mom there is a right way to fold a towel. Then there is dishes, preparing dinner, sweeping, mopping, dusting, and battery maintenance. Dinner is not as fun as it once was. Everyone gave up half of their food storage to go into the community pool. For  all the new people here. Even the easy days are full of busy work. Chores may not seem that hard, but add a 4 year old into the mix and it gets interesting. Like after you mop the floor and Brooke helps you. By tipping the water bucket over into the living room. Don’t get my started on potty training either. It is like she knows I just finished her laundry, so she goes out of her way to make more. It is no wonder Mom quit her job after taking care of kids it is  hard work.

After all the chores were done it was time for Brooke’s late afternoon nap. Everyone was still out working late, so I had the Cabin to myself. It gave me some time to get some Physical therapy in for my left hand. I am sort of proud about this. I took up knitting and crochet again. It has been helping me get my fine motor skills back in my hand. Plus I have been working on a blanket for Beth. It is going to be her birthday present. Having a knitting circle with my family has been nice to. I get to hear about their day and we chat a little before bed to. Such a strange thing for a boy to write. You know what I enjoy it, so what if it is strange. Real men enjoy spending time with their family regardless of how girly the dolley he just knitted is.

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