Journal Entry: Day 137

Hydra|The Wanderer's Curse|Day Zero
Day 137 For the most part of my life I have been a homebody. I have only been to a city with more than 5,000 people living in it a number of  times. It was always the same city to. A odd city with a even odder name Canson. Most of the people that go to Canson are migratory. The City of Canson only claim to fame is its  airport. It is where people like Fremont with a lot of money like to park their private jet fleet. Fremont is not the only rich person to live in these parts and when you get to that level of wealth people fly to you for meetings not the other way around. I asked Fremont about it once and he told me that when you are rich people never leave you alone. You can’t walk down the street, go to the store or even a have a nice family outing without getting harassed. That is a little bit why he moved out here. Then some of his other billionaire buddy followed him. Canson also had the necessity framework to support these rich peoples net works. Like schools, hospitals, police stations, 5 star restaurants with super high speed internet. Mind blowing how just a few people need so much support to run their day to day. Now I bring up Canson because that is where the military plan on landings a huge cargo airplane that managed to survive all this destruction. How is it that our home is a pile of ash and the military still have working helicopters and a cargo plane? Then once they land will make there way to us. Normally Canson would be a full days drive to our location, but with the road conditions and the Charred could take them a while to get here. Colonel Rives will be in the convoy  with over 100 trained military personnel and supplies. Which is great the more rations and bullets the better. Maybe a few light armored vehicles. Military Cargo planes can cram a lot of gear inside them. Even 1 or 2 armor apcs could sure up the compounds security Nothing saw leave us alone like two turret mounted grenade launcher or a machine gun on a vehicle. Then again this all could be a set up to over run us. Mom and Dad already have a plan in place if that happens. Though I doubt we can wait is out in our shelter longer than they can seige the area. I still wonder where we are going to house all these new people?   Now about all those new people and how to feed them. More farm land needs to be cleared to make room for more crops. Water is not an issue as we are not too far from a lake and river. Also there most cabins have wells there own well system. The forest has to be cleared a bit to make room for the farmland. Which is also good because we can use the timber to make some new cabins like the settlers of old did. I got out of the lumberjacking and field clearing for a few days. I spiked a fever today, so got put on Brooke duty. Lily is back to normal from her wounds, but mine are still on and off again. Mom will usually will work you to death, but once the guy in the hood shows up she gives you a few days off. It will be close, but we should have enough time to plant potatoes and have a yield before it gets too cold. Potatoes are a wonder crop. With a little bit of vitamin supplements, fats and proteins you can eat mainly just live off of them. All that work to be done clearing the forest, then setting up farmland is going to take some major calories though. Some of these new people look like they haven’t seen a days of hardwork in their lives which is also a risk. Stress a out of shape person too much and they could die. Also give a person that has never fallen a tree a chainsaw and you’re asking for trouble. This should be interesting for the next few days while things are getting done. If you are new to this Story You can start at the beginning here. How to grow wild potatos

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