Journal Entry: Day 113

Hydra|The Wanderer's Curse||Day Zero

Day 113

Those centipede monsters claimed the lives of four people. Three people were dragged off  and one person died of his injuries. A couple of the braver men went down into tunnels to see if they could track down where the bugs came from.  It did not take long for them to track down and finish the hive off. That was the last of the attacks for now. The charred were all defeated and the rest of the ghouls taken care off. Finally a chance to get some rest and not worry about things coming from the woods or under our feets. There was even some good news. The nurse that was taken last night was found alive. The question is how did these things tunnel under the camp so fast? Dad gave some insight into that.

It turns out this campground has been around for a long time. Before it was a spot for vacationing doomsday preppers and summer campers it belonged to some people that had different views on how the law should be interrupted. The original owners had underground passages dug all around the surrounding area. That is why Fremont  bought the land once it came up for sell. He knew about its origins. Fremont reinforced the areas he wanted to use and closed down all the other parts. It makes sense now why some of the cabins have shelters underground that are connected to others. This seems like something would Cody know about. I bet Dad has taken him on tours while Cody was working for him.  I should be angry at Dad and Mom for not telling me about this, but who could have guessed there would be monsters that could use the tunnels against us. Like when Fremont was planning this he had a incase monsters become real clauses in his designs. Once last hive underground was cleared out plans were made to seal the mines. Some of the Tunnels could not be sealed, so traps and motion detectors were set up. Then it was time to bury the deceased on the hill with the others. I didn’t join the them at the grave site.

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