Journal Entry: Day 77

Day 77.

I got tricked again thinking I would get a cool job. Instead we started home school and “job training”. We just got here and already they are putting us to work and school. At least give me a few days off for the end of the world. I didn’t even get to sleep in it was be up at dawn. School today was just an first aid refresher. At least it was easy. Then it was on the job training. Mostly it was dig a fire line and replants the crops. It wasn’t all bad. I got to drive  this giant tractor and use the backhoe. All this digging did gave me sometime to think. My mind keeps wandering on why the town we used to live by has been destroyed, but the cabin area looks barely touched. Other than the farmland being a total mess the main compound looks normal. Fremont said they were getting the charred here to, but I have yet to see any of them. They didn’t make us work all day which was kind of them. I got to hang out with Beth some more today. I might have a slight crush on her. I hope no one in my family has notice my crush. Now that I am the only brother/son the level of embarrassments would hit radioactive levels if they found out. I left my journal in the living room while we ate dinner and I am pretty sure one of my sisters read it. I hope it was Lily, but if it was Courtney I am doomed for sure.


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