Journal Entry: Day 75

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Day 75

We made it to the cabin today. It was a peaceful last leg of the trip. The winding road into the valley made me a little car sick. At least no monster spiders attacked us along the way. Which is a win in my book. Our cabin is near the Robinsons and I finally got to meet Will and Beth. I did not think Will would be so tall and Beth so pretty. Everyone came by to help us unpack and settle in. Tonight we are all going have dinner together at the mess hall. I guess I should tell you about the compound layout. A few years ago it used to be part of a summer camp. Then camp fall on hard times and had to close. That is when Fremont bought the whole land and renovated it. Mom used to come up her to treat his animals back in her veterinarian day’s. Dad helped rebuild the infrastructure to get it up to date. Dad helped install solar panels, wind farms and fixed a old stripper oil well. Fremont liked Mom and Dads work so much he gave us a cabin and invited us to join his prepper community. After that Mom and Dad were both hooked. Now there are five main buildings on the complex. A mess hall, medical station, activity room, maintenance room and command post. Then  there is the farm and barn. Everyone is expected to pitch in and help out. Dad runs the maintenance program and Mom tends to the animals part time. After unpacking it was time to eat.


Tonight for dinner it was soup, ribs and fresh corn bread. There are so many kids here my ages to talk to finally. The Robinsons sat at our table along with Will and Beth. It turns out Will is a huge gamer and Beth was into gymnastics. We kept the conversation light. I did not want to say something that could cause a problem. You know like oh I see it is just the two of you, or were you always orphans. After dinner the adults talked and us “kids” gotta play some board games. Then it was time for bed. It will be nice to sleep on a bed and not the floor of a RV for once. My room was the smallest, but without David here seems so much bigger now. Tomorrow I get to find out what my job will be here. Dad was letting on I might get to follow him around which would the best. Now time for some sleep.

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