Journal Entry: Day 74

Day 74

It has been a long exhausting day.  Dad finally got the beast running again near dusk.  It was not the prettiest fix, but should get us to the cabin.  Mom radioed Fremont to tell him we are close. They have been busy defending the area from the charred and something else.  Fremont said they have been attack by giant bugs.. Great now add spiders monsters to the mix. Just what I wanted to see in my dreams.  Since the beast didn’t get fixed till late we will be staying the night here. There is too much risk to travel tonight. Car headlights are beacons that will attract all sorts of baddies.  We also set up guard rotations. I got second shift with Olivia. Courtney was not happy about that. Makes sense though why they didn’t get to be on guard duty together. Those two would have geeked out all night and would have gotten us all eaten.  One last thing to note the sky is no longer that crimson color. Those purple streaks seem to have taken over the whole sky. I wonder what caused it?


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