Journal Entry: Day 73

Day 73

The beast has broken down! We hit something that was covered by all this ash on the road. Mom and Dad have been working on fixing the problem, but it will take some time before we are on the move again. The cabin is so close, but it is still too risky to go on foot. Though we might have to after last night. Staying in one place too long has seemed to attract the charred ones that attacked the Mill’s. Bad luck seems to follow them around. It was late last night when the attack happened. They charged the RV almost flipping it over. One of the attackers managed to punch a softball size hole into the cabin wall. Its cracked and charred hand reaching for whatever it could grab as it tried to free itself. While the other two attackers focused on trying to roll us over. I wish I could tell you what happened more, but I slept thru the whole ordeal. You see earlier that night I had a bad headache, so mom gave me some medicine to help me sleep and well I guess it worked too well. I only found out about the attack later. Lily filled me about it. Everyone  thought I was knocked out, because they found me buried under some fallen boxes of canned food. They all got a good laugh after I told them I might have been just sleeping. I think this one will follow me for the rest of my life….great.


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