Journal Entry: Day 70

Day 70

We made it to the Mills today!  They did not look so good getting out of their shelter.  All their clothes were ragged and you can see they haven’t slept well.  I wonder what happened to them? Courtney almost ran out the RV to greet Oliva. She was excited that one of her best friends made it.  The ashen rain was still falling here, so you still need a mask to go outside. Which she quickly put on. The plan for tonight was to stay at the Mills shelter and maybe get a shower.  It is starting to get a little gamey in the beast. Unfortunately that didn’t pan out. There was a water leak and then a fire that wiped out most of the Mills place. What bad luck seeing how their transport was also damaged, but at least they are still alive. The Mill’s only had their bug out packs to load into the beast.  There was nothing left for them here so we head out.


We found another spot  to part for the Night. Mom actually cooked dinner!  which was so much better than another night of MREs .  While everyone was eating the adults planned in the front part of  the RV and the kids talked in the back. Olivia was giving us the rundown on what she has been up to in between sips of her soup.  She told us more about the fire and that they tried to leave for the cabin on foot, but they were attacked. Then headed back to their burnout shelter to wait for someone to pick them up.  Even though most of it was destroyed they still had two rooms. It gave them some protection and limited radio communication. The last few night those monsters tried to get into the shelter, but gave up each time.  Olivia started tearing up after that last part. Once she started crying courtney start to. Then I might have joined in with them. I had been holding a lot in and my emotions got the better of me. After all this time seeing someone else alive was just too much to hold in.  The rest of the night we watched movies and played board games. Soon we should be around a lot more people once we get to the cabin. Just have to make it there first.


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