Journal Entry: Day 67

Day 67

It is taking a lot longer than expected to get to the Mills.  The road is either blocked by cars or rubble.  Mom, Courtney and I are on road clearing duty.  Dad and Lily are still recovering, so they got out of it.  We each take turns clearing a path for the beast. The ashen rain falls all the time from fires around us, so we have to stay suited up.  The ash is making it hard to see far which is a blessing and a curse.  Though for once we got the jump on two of those charred monsters. Courtney spotted them first.  It looked like they were fighting over some dead thing to eat. I took care of them with the M95. The first shot was a clean to the head.  Then once the first charred monster went down the second started to eat what they were fighting over.  It didn’t even look up to see what happened just went straight to eating.  My second shot hit center mass for monster number 2.  It staggered up from its meal then slumped over dead. Where do these things keep coming from?  These ones were a little different from the ones back home.  They both had one long hooked spike coming from their left arm. It seems like we run into different types of these things everywhere we go.  At least two will not hunt us like the others.  After we finished clearing the road we started to find a place to park for the night.


The sun was low in the sky when we stopped. Dad parked us in a old salvage yard. At least that is what it looked like.  There was enough overturned cars to fuel up the beasts tank and its reserves. Courtney found more bodies as we looked around. It has been over 60 days since whatever happen killed these people.  Some the bodies looked like statues from the ash covering them. Like all those people you see from Mt Vesuvius.  It was scary knowing we are spending the night in what has turned into a graveyard.  After we settled down Mom radioed the Mills. Having them meet us halfway is out of the question.  The air is too bad and travel is dangerous with all those monsters roaming without some forum of shelter.  We should be meeting them in the next couple of days. Now it is time to finish this beanie I have been working on for Lily.   It should help her hide her ear better than just covering it with her hair.  I still feel guilty on what happened to her.


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