Journal Entry: Day 66

Day 66

The sky was still that same crimson color as the last times we went outside. There was something new in the sky this time. Purple streaks that stretched from horizon to horizon.  Another thing we have to be worried about. Today we leave the shelter and for once good news we didn’t get attacked by monsters this time. It did get a little intense when Dad and I opened the barn doors.  The one antler deer jumped out at us. I guess it needed to see us off one last time. Dad got the beast warmed up and we drove it to the shelter door. Brooke was loaded up first and then we started moving supplies. Once everyone was loaded up Mom started the final steps to lull the shelter to sleep.  It will have enough power to keep the supplies good for a long time in case we needed to come back. All that is left is to pick which route we are going to take. I pray that it is not the long way.


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