Journal Entry: Day 65



Tomorrow is the day we leave the shelter and head to the cabin.  We had to eat MREs, and I’m not talking about the good ones either.  I am going to have to get used to eating whatever though can’t be picky. This is going to be my last night sleeping in a real bed until we reach the cabin.  Dad checked in with Fremont and told him the three possible routes we could be taking and when to expect us.  The trip to the cabin should not take more than a few days.  Before it was a one day drive, but the road conditions are likely not that great.  Depending on what route we take will determine where we pick up the Mills.   They are on the direct path to the cabin which would be great if all goes well.  The second route takes us the long way around which is never fun. I have been known to get car sick on that detour. Dad and I will be leaving the shelter tomorrow to make a dash to the beast. We will drive it to the shelter then everyone will load up and we will head out. If it all works out I will update you from the road.


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