Journal Entry: Day 63


Lily has gotten a lot better.  Though the scars she carries now will last a lifetime.  I broke down and told Courtney it was all my fault for what happened to Lily and Dad.  Courtney told mom about it which got around to the rest of the family quickly. It is a  hard to hide anything when you are in a cramped space underground. Both Dad and Lily tried to convince me I did a good job outside.  That some people would have just ran away and hid instead of attacking something head on like I did.  Lily gave me a big hug and told me she though she did not like being beat up by some giant bug beast, but she was glad it was her instead of me.  I wish I could be brave like that. I still watch Lily try to hide her scars and sometime tear up.


We started packing up the shelter.  It might be a long time before we are back here.  Our home has been destroyed, David is gone and monsters are roaming outside.  I wish I could just go back to complaining about homework again. My parents did the best they could to prepare us for the worst, but never asked if we wanted to live through it. How much easier would it have been just for us to stay in bed?  When whatever happened outside, happened and we slipped away in our sleep.  Most of my friends are probably gone.  I also think about Brooke growing up in all this.  She may never know what a world without monsters was like.  I know I am sounding dark, but writing this helps me cope. Maybe the trip to the cabin will not be so bad.  I mean it can’t be the end of the world twice right?


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