Journal Entry: Day 58


Lily was able to walk around a bit today.  She still looks like a mummy with all her bandages.  I tended to her the best I could over the past couple days.  Even gave her all my turns with the slate to keep her distracted from the pain she must be in.  Some of the wounds got infected and had to be cleaned out. Mom had her on some painkillers and antibiotics, so she has been sleeping a lot.  Dads has been resting as well.  I guess his arm was not the only thing that got hurt. Who knew getting thrown into the air by a giant monster could injure you this much.  Once Lily gets better Dad said we will be leaving for the cabin.
The plan is to meet up with the Mills family and head out together.  Dad talked to them last night about it. They wanted to leave sooner, but their transport was destroyed.  I don’t blame them for wanting to leave sooner rather than later. Without a vehicle though it would be dangerous.  The Mills have two daughters. There is Megan who is 16 she was David’s girlfriend.  Unless you asked him about it and then he’d get all red faced around Mom.  Then there is Olivia she is my age.  Olivia likes to tinker and is a big cosplayer.  Courtney and Olivia were part of a geeky club in town.  I have been dragged to more than my fair shares of D&D nights with them.  Mom would not let Courtney go unless David or I went with her. David went so he could sneak away with Megan which always puts the group a man down.  Then David got his own car and stopped going. He could see Megan whenever he wanted to then. Courtney got me to go by doing my chores for a week. Most of the time it was fun and you get to meet some interesting people. I can’t stop thinking about going outside again though. At least I will finally get to meet Will and Beth, so that is something to look forward to.


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