Journal Entry: Day 52

Day 52

Lily and Dad are hurt bad.  A group of those charred monsters ambushed us while we were outside.  I wish we had the warning of the animals to help us like last time we were attacked.  They used the ashen rain as cover. Dad’s arm is broken and he needed staples from a large gash down his chest.  Had it not been for the helmet on her suit I am sure Lily would be with David.  I managed to get away with only a few scrapes and bruises.  I should have been watching the tree line better, but it was so hard to see anything outside.  Lily needed a blood transfusion, a lot of stitches, staples and bandages, but should make it… I hope.  Courtney and I are 0 negative so we donated to help save Lily. Mom had a hard time closing some of Lily’s wounds.  There was so much blood and used medical supplies on the floor when Mom was done. I guess I should go back and explain what happened outside a few days ago.

Dad was finishing up setting the sensors when the charred monsters attacked.  He said they appeared out of nowhere and took a swipe at him. Lily was able to down it quickly when the others charged in.  Dad was recovering his footing when he was picked up and flung into the air, and broke his arm on the landing. I moved to see what was going on.  The comms were a lot of roars, yelling and gun fire. When I  got close I saw that Lily had downed two more of those things and was helping Dad back up.  I switched to heat mode and saw more where coming from the forest, I took aim and fired. I hit a couple of them or at least drove them off.  That is when something new came out of the ground and attacked Lily. It looked like its first attack took off Lily’s head and then it appeared to tear into her body.  Dad managed to pull his knife free one handed and stabbed the beast. It knocked Dad away then reared up to let out an deafening roar. I knew I had to take the shot, I took aim and fired.  I hit center mass and caused the beast to stagger back. I shot two more times. The first shot went wide. The second blew off its head from the neck up.  I ran over to help Dad to his feet and we went over to where Lily was laying.


Lily still had her head, well at least most of it.  There was a large claw mark that went from her left cheek to where a ear used to be.  She was bleeding in so many places her suit was in shreds.  Dad had to lead me through bandaging her wounds best I could.  Usually you are not supposed to move a injured person until trained personnel gets there, but there was no help to call.  We were all she had and we didn’t have time.  More of those things were coming.  We had to move her back to the shelter fast to get her to Mom.  


Mom was a Veterinarian a long time ago.  She gave up her practice when Courtney and I were born.  She was waiting for us in the airlock. There was no time to decontaminate Lily needed help now.  Dad was not looking good either. The slash wound on his chest was bleeding from all the running.  Mom and Courtney worked on stabilizing Lily.  I held pressure on Dads wound until Mom could look at him.  It was a intense few hours. I have never seen Mom work so fast.  Lily still moans in pain at night. It is all my fault she got hurt, I don’t think she will ever forgive me.


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