Journal Entry: Day 49

Day 49

It has been raining ash for a few hours now. A thin layer is starting to cover the ground. Where is all it all coming from? The sky is still crimson even though it is noon .It’s eerie how quiet the world is outside. Only a few more hours until we can go back into the shelter where it is safe. Dad has been walking around the property setting up sensors to collect data. Lily went with him this time and I have door duty. Instead of the plasma gun we went out with the heavy firearms. Bullets take up a lot more space than las packs, but they pack a big punch. Dad set me up with the Barrett M95. It has a custom scope that can switch from day to night filters and even a powered heat sensor. The ammo for this thing was expensive; at least that is what Mom complained about. David, Lily and I were all a part of a local gun club for teenagers. Lily was voted the chapter head this year. David played it off like he wasn’t upset about not being picked. Anyone with a sister knows he was. To be fair Lily is amazing with both close and long range shooting. Courtney is part of the club to, but is not really interested in it .Dad has been checking in every couple of minutes to let me know where they are if I can’t see them. What was that noise………..


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