Journal Entry: Day 48

Day 48

Having a slate tablet is nice. Finally I don’t have to knitted, sew or crochet everyday. My sisters and I take turns with the slate which is fair. Dad has been looking over the results from his test a lot. The daily routine of packing and working out has not changed, so we are still leaving the shelter in a few weeks maybe? Mom got the new radio working and most of what they are saying is not good. They keep talking about a cascade failure and people disappearing. It got bad enough that Mom turned it off. Mr. Robinson called reporting in on what is going on around him. Dad didn’t put on the headphones anymore.  They talked for a long time about how they should be seeing more people and weren’t. The monsters we ran into where not the ones Mr.Robinson was talking about. Which is great because now I know there are more of them out there. Another reason not to leave the shelter. He finally closed with he got into contact with Fremont over at the cabin. Fremont is the tech guy I was talking about. I guess other families have been showing up talking about monsters to. I sure hope we don’t run into any if we do leave.


Courtney said I was shaking  in my sleep last night she laid down next to me. I know both Courtney and I are getting older, but she is my twin having her close  calms me down. Is it strange that my best friend is my twin sister? Dad said he has to take another round of readings to double check the first results. Depending on how the next set comes out we may be leaving a lot sooner than expected. Tomorrow I will be heading out of the shelter with Dad and Lily again. We went over the plans. This time we need to stay outside a lot longer to get better data. Mom was not happy at all about it. I am not looking forward to going out again. I gave Courtney my turn with the slate and worked on my knitting. I am starting to get used to not having a good night sleep.


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