Journal Entry: Day 47 part 2

Day 47 Part 2

After we got back into the shelter Dad, Lily and I started the decontaminate process. First dad put all the tech in a waterproof bag and it went through some weird looking machine. Then we started the decon shower. First with our Biohazard suits on then off to make sure nothing got past the suit. Those shower are like standing under a pressure washer. Then we dressed in the airlock and headed into the shelters living area. Mom was right there at the door waiting for us. She was not happy with Dad. I have seen that look before and if we were outside the shelter still I would be hiding in it from Mom. On a scale of 1-5 Mom was at a grounding level of not leaving your room till your married. Brooke broke the tension little kids are so good at making things worse or better. It must be a super power that we grow out of. Mom relaxed and wanted to know all the details.

Dad gathered the entire family and told them what was going on outside. The house was gone. That the beast was ready to go if and when we needed to. Then  talked about the monsters. Dad said we might be leaving the shelter sooner than we thought to get to the cabin. He has to look over the readings he got while outside. Also some of the tech he brought back will let us hear normal radio chatter. Dad and Mom went into the airlock to talk some more.

Courtney told me that the whole time we were out that they listened to our comms outside. She asked about the monsters more. Brooke wanted to play so we all colored with her while we chatted. Lily talked about all the animals she saw running out of the forest. She even saw the one antlered deer that had been eating our garden. Mom and Dad really disliked that Deer it ate all of Mom violas. It also ate all the roses, crab apples and Sunflowers. We talked until Mom and Dad came back into the Living area. Mom walked right to Lily and I and gave us a huge hug it looked she had been crying. Dad spent the rest of the day setting up the gear from the beast. I surprised my sisters with the slate tablet  from the beast it even had a data pack attached! I gave my sisters a turn with it as I snuck away to write what happened down. They looked so normal bunched together watching The Sound of Music while above ground the world was a different place.    


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