Journal Entry: Day 47

Day 47

There are monsters outside and we almost died today!  After what I saw today I am okay living in the shelter for the rest of my life.  I guess I should start from the beginning. Dad woke me up early to leave the shelter.  Mom made a light breakfast and afterwards we geared up. Mom helped Lily suit up and Dad helped me.  We then went over the plans again. Mom kept hugging Lily and I telling us everything will be okay and to stay safe.  I told her I would watch Dads back and will be home soon. Got an extra hug for that. I was nervous and I knew it showed. There was no way to know what laid in wait for us outside.

There are two room you have to go through before you leave the shelter. The first room was the airlock. The second is the anteroom where you decontaminate. Dad lead us into the airlock closed the door then we did a comms check in the anteroom. Each one of our suits has a radio to communicate with everyone. The comms don’t have a far range. After all our gear was check and plans double checked Dad opened up the door to the outside world.

The sky was red and the air thick with ash.  It looked like it was raining outside. There was no noise outside except for the buzz of the comms.  No birds, no cars, nothing. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stick up. Lily took position near the shelter door and waved us goodbye.  At least I would have Dad on this trip out. Lily will be all alone. It did not take us long to get to what was left of our house. All that was left was a pile of smoking debris.  Dad and I carried on to the barn. The barn was dug into ground and was mostly intact when we got there. Dad had me watch the tree line as he tried to open the door leading down. I thought I saw something in the forest and turned to tell Dad, but just then he also  got the barn door open. We both hurried inside and closed the door. It was dark inside until Dad turned on his flashlight and lead us to the beast. Dad pulled out some strange tools I have never seen before and started taking readings of the area. Lily checked in on the comms and made me jump.  She told us that animals were coming out of forest quickly and that we should probably make our way back to the shelter. Dad said we will be heading back soon. Dad opened the door to the Rv and we headed in. Again he took more readings inside the beast then started it up. I looked around for something that I could use for entertainment and found Davids old slate tablet, even a charger!  Dad also took some tech we kept inside. Once Dad was done with his work he headed back to the shelter. We were having trouble with the barn doors again it seemed to take forever to get them closed. The whole time Lily was telling us to move because she saw something. She kept saying we should be heading back. I have never seen so many animals on our land all running out of the forest. It was so quiet not to long ago.  Now it was almost deafening. Dad had me unholster my firearm and let Lily know we were heading back. That is when I saw what the animals where running from. Out of the tree line came three very large looking things. They stood taller than a man. Their skin was cracked and burned with angry red lines. On their hand where claws larger than my head. The eyes glowed a sickly green and their mouth frothed like a rabid bear.  Dad told me over the comms to take position and walk slowly back to the shelter. One of the monsters eyed Dad and I then charged us. I didn’t think, I just reacted. I shot it.. All the blast from my gun did was make it charge faster. The closer they got the more I could see just how nasty they where. There was no chance dad and I could out run them, so we fired until the guns charged drained. We downed two of the three but the third was on us.  Dad dove and pulled us both out of the way. The monster stopped. It started moving in a wide circle around us. It stood again and I saw just how large it was. It looked like it was going to charge us again. Before it got the chance its head twisted sharply spraying green blood out and it dropped to the ground dead. I realized Lily had shot it. Any other day she would have gotten a talking to from Dad about gun safety for firing too close to us, but not today. Not waiting to see if more of them showed up we all ran back to the shelter.


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