Week one of the book

Last week I had my first book go live. Here that it is if you want to check it out https://amzn.to/2z7dmVR. I sent out over 67 review copies from a mailing list using https://mailchimp.com/ and gave them 30 days to review the book. I also gave away 25 paperbacks here in Fresno and have gotten 10 reviews from that. I started a Amazon ad campaing after the book came out. I have 1547 impressions and 8 clicks It ends next month on the Aug 10. I have been on this podcast https://tradingjustice.com and I am trying to find more to be on but it is a process. I started my first give away here https://www.amazon.com/ga/p/838bdb198ca75716#ts-afo. I have found KDP and Createspace to have better customer support than Ingramsparks. For social media I have gotten more views to my website using twitter over facebook which is crazy I only just started using twitter those # really work. My plan for week two is to have at least 20 reviews for the book. Which should not be hard I have 10 reviewers that have finshed the book that I need to bird dog more. On July 26 I will be doing a book signing here in town with the local networking group. I am working on getting banners made for that. If you do go with ingram they have a list of where thier lightning source locatations are. Here is a link to that https://www.ingramcontent.com/about/locations. If you are close to those locations you can get away with the cheaper shipping and get it pretty quick once the printing is done. This is my first book so I am excited and will keep you updated on how week 2 has gone. Also If you have a podcast I have a nice audio setup and would love to be a guest you can PM or If you use Twitter can reach me at @jake_pelley.