Journal Entry: Day 45

Day 45

Mom and Dad had us start packing for the trip to the cabin. Each of us had to pack then repack our bags. I must have packed it 80 times before Mom said it was good. Then she made me repack it again to make sure I could do it in a hurry. After that Dad made us to do some PT. there was not a lot of room, so it was two at a time. Lily and Mom went first then Courtney and I. Dad said that this will be the routine until it is time to leave. That night Mom went all out at dinner, she even made sugar cookies! After all that we had a family game night. Dad even joined in. Brooke fell asleep in the middle of it and my parents put her bed.  Then gave us the talk. Not that talk, but what we might see while traveling to the cabin. We talked for a time about how to cope with what we might see. Courtney started tearing up just thinking about it. I sure hope I can sleep tonight.


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