Only the dead have seen the end of War

Piers Anthony|book review
Wielding a Red Sword
Book Four of the Incarnation of Immortality series
By Piers Anthony
Book review by Lynndee Theson
I had a lot of trouble relating to this character.  Mym is an Indian Prince who runs away from an arranged marriage and falls in love with Orb.  Family duty forces him to leave Orb.  He returns to his kingdom where he is once again forced into a relationship.  After accepting that he can never be with Orb again, Mym falls in love with Rapture who is an Indian Princess.  Although they don’t marry right away, it is assumed that they will since it is a good match.  When family duty once again requires him to give up the woman he loves, he goes into an angry rage.  Since the world had no conflict, the office of war was not needed and the previous Mars was able to pass on to the afterlife.  Once conflict started again, the red sword was drawn to the person with the most anger.  It is at this exact moment that Mym is in a rage so the red sword appears to him.  He takes the sword and becomes War.
What I didn’t like about this book
  1. Mym easily falls in love  
    I felt Mym falls in love way to easily.  First he falls in love with Orb. Then Rapture, then Ligeia, and then the demon Lila.  The book only takes place over a few years so that is falling in love with multiple women very quickly.
  2. Concubine  
    Mym takes a concubine and his partner is okay with it.  What?  It is because he is a prince.  He can have mistresses and everyone seems to be okay with it.  Well, I’m not.
What I enjoyed about this book
  1. Overcoming his disability
Mym has a stutter.  He has always had a stutter.  It is with Orb’s help that he learn a way to communicate without stuttering.  By singing.  So he sings instead of talks.  I like the idea that he is able to find a way to overcome his disability.
  1. Recognizing the need for conflict and how to handle it
Mym comes to understand that his job is not to stop conflict but to make sure it is handled in a fair way.  This idea is hard for everyone, even the other incarnations, to understand.
Overall, Mym’s story is good.  It is a good vs evil story with good coming out victorious.  Evil has not given up yet though.  It has just moved on to a different incarnation.

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