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Being a Green Mother

Book Five of The Incarnations of Immortality series
By Piers Anthony
Review by Lynndee Theson
Orb has spent most of her life searching for the ultimate song known by all as the Llano.  She first heard of the Llano when she was a little girl soon after discovering her magical talent for music.  She is able to amplify her music so not only does it sound louder but it gives the impression that she isn’t playing her harp alone.  Her quest leads from her home in Ireland to Spain, France, Germany, Hungary, and India where she joins a traveling road show.

What I like about this book
  • Orb
Orb is the daughter of Niobe(Fate), and like her mother is very beautiful.  She is talented, smart, curious, determined, brave, stubborn, short tempered, and adventurous.  I felt like Orb was the kind of person I would want to be.  She traveled the world and learned new languages, heartbreak, and a very seductive dance.
  • Jonah
Do you remember the fish from the Bible who swallowed Jonah?  That fish is now called Jonah and has been damned to swim the air and earth, but never the water.  Jonah becomes a traveling tour bus/fish for the band The Livin’ Sludge.  Jonah is so large the band travels very comfortably in the huge fish which has a kitchen, bathroom, and multiple bedrooms.  Orb convinces Jonah to be the transportation for the band with her seductive dance, but he also wants to find the Llano because it can free him of his curse.
  • Satan
Ah Satan!  (Read the book and you will get it)  As part of the big reveal in this book we are introduced to Satan in a different way than the other Incarnations have experienced.  I don’t want to give any spoilers, but Satan falls in love with Orb.
  • The Prophecy
“Each will possess the most beautiful woman of her generation, who will bear him a daughter.  One daughter will marry death and the other will marry evil.”
This book completes the last part of the prophecy from With a Tangled Skein.  The prophecy was for Niobe’s son and his cousin Pacian.  The reader gets to watch the prophecy come to pass through the books and I loved that it span multiple books without disturbing the main story of each book.
What I don’t like about this book
  • The Llano
I didn’t like the idea that this song is the cure all for everything.  It can break curses, it can stop wars, it can free people of drug addiction, it can control the weather, it can make things grow.  I don’t think one thing can solve all the problems of the world.
  • Orbs anger
In a fit of anger, Orb as Nature destroys the world by singing the Song of Chaos.  This causes everyone she cares about on earth to die.   In order to undue what singing the Song of Chaos did, Orb has to get the consent of all the Incarnations.
This book is really good.  I like Orb and her story.  I like how determined she is to find what she is looking for and doesn’t ever give up.  I even like Satan in this book.  I really like how this book brings all the other books together.  I think this series works so well as individual books and a series.  Do you want to read Being a Green Mother?  Buy a copy on amazon here.  I also highly recommend borrowing a copy from your local library.

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