Incarnations of Immortality Series Review Book 1

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On a Pale Horse
Book one of the Incarnation of Immortality series
By Piers Anthony
Book review by Lynndee Theson

It was over ten years ago when I was first introduced to the author Piers Anthony.  Piers Anthony is a science fiction and fantasy author who has written over a hundred books.  The most popular series is set in a magical land called Xanth.  To date there are forty books in the Xanth series.  I have only read a handful of that series, but will always be grateful to the girl who recommend the books to me.  Years later while talking to a coworker about fantasy books Piers Anthony was brought up.  My coworker at the time told me about The Incarnations of Immortality series also by Piers Anthony.  As luck would have it, the coworker owned the books and loaned each book to me so I could read them.  I later purchased my own set.  There are currently eight books in the series.  When I read them there were only seven and I have only read the first seven.  I will be reviewing the seven books from the series that I have read over the next seven weeks.

The first book in The Incarnations of Immortapalehorselity series is On a Pale Horse.  Each book is a story about a different incarnation.  The incarnations are death, time, fate, war, nature, evil, and good.  This book focuses on the incarnation of death.  The story is set in a world where science and magic both exist.  Zane is broke and alone.  After the death of his mother he has no money and no one.  After trading a possible soul mate for a wealth stone that doesn’t work as he had expected, Zane decides to commit suicide.  Not even that goes as planned.  Instead of killing himself, he kills death and becomes death himself.
He learns how to run the office of death with the help of his pale horse and the other incarnations.  He falls in love with Luna, a mortal woman.  Zane comes into his own as death and changes the way people view death.
Things I like about this book
  1. To become death, you must kill death   I was really fascinated with the idea that to become death, you must kill death.  I know this is not an original idea but, I liked that is gives the person who holds the office of death mortality.
  1. Death doesn’t have to be something we fear Zane runs the office with compassion.  I think it sometime compassion can be controversial.  This book is no exception with Zane showing mercy to people who live only because they aren’t being allowed to die.  Zane also warns people to change their ways before it is too late and gives second chances when he can.

  1. Zane When we first meet Zane he seem to be a down on his luck guy.  So much so that he feels his only escape is death.  He is also rational and passionate about what he believes.
  1. Mortis Death rides a pale horse.  I really liked how Piers Anthony modernized Mortis, the pale horse, to be able to change into whatever death needed him to be.  He could be a horse, a limosine, a flying carpet.  I thought that was very clever.
  1. Good vs Evil This book wasn’t religious as much as good vs evil.  The evil is very obvious in the form of Satan but it really isn’t about religion.  It is good trying to win against bad.
I would say this is more for an mature audience as some of the themes may be hard for tweens to comprehend.  This book has some adult themes  and the author is obviously a fan of the female figure, but it doesn’t have any intimate scenes. As the first book of a series it is important to read this book first to understand the world.  If you are interested in reading this series you can purchase On a Pale Horse on amazon at the link below.
Don’t forget about your local library.  Copies of this book as well as many others can be borrowed for free and if the library closest to you doesn’t have a copy in stock can often be requested and sent to the library of your choice.
Lynndee Theson

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