Bearing an Hourglass Book Review

Bearing an Hourglass
Book Two in the Incarnations of Immortality
By Piers Anthony
Book overview and review by Lynndee Theson
This is the story of the Incarnation of Time.  Norton lives a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a park in the middle of it all.  He enjoys his quiet life.  Then one day he meet a ghost named Gawain.  Gawain changes Norton’s life.  First by introducing Norton to Orlene, the woman Norton falls in love with, and then by helping Norton become the incarnation of Time.
I’m going to change it up and go over what I didn’t like about the book first.
What I didn’t like about this book
  • Very Technical
Piers Anthony spends a lot of the book trying to explain how the office of the Incarnation of Time works.  It is very technical and to be completely honest, over my head.  It is so technical that some parts of the book can be skipped or skimmed through without losing the main story plot.

  • Slow

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This book drags on and on and on.  So much of the book is Norton trying to understand how to be Time.  The office of Time is unlike any of the other offices that none of the other Incarnations can help him learn to do his job.
  • Hard to get through
The technical aspect of the book makes it hard to read.  Because it is slow, it is a challenge to finish.
Things I liked about the book
  • Living backwards
I really like the idea that in order for the Incarnation of Time to know what will happen in the future, he must be from the future and as the Incarnation live backwards.  This is where it gets so technical.
  • Essential to the series
This book is so important to the series.  If you don’t read this book, you will miss the connections in some of the other books.
While this book is my least favorite of the series it introduces us to some important characters.  I would recommend this book young adults and up.  Get a copy of Bearing an Hourglass on amazon.  Many books can also be found at your local library.
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